1998 was the year I started bead-weaving, a Japanese technique that weave crystals into bracelets and necklaces. With that love for bead-weaving I have acquired a number of books which started my love for beading.

In 2000, I beaded a peyote ring design from a Japanese design. It was considered tough as the instruction was written in Japanese and I have no knowledge of beading. Since then, I started with kits and patterns purchased from the United States and started my passion in beading.

In 2003, I founded Beading Fantasy and launched my website, to showcase my works to the world. I started teaching at local bead store and spread my passion for bead-weaving. I designed my own range of beaded art and selling jewellery, patterns online. I specializes in the bead-weaving technique, using a needle and thread to weave tiny seed beads into work of art.

In June 2005, I made a trip to the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee, the biggest bead show in the States. The work of the artist truly amazed me and brought me deeper into bead-weaving. During the show I met many artist.

In June 2006, my beaded wedding gown and suit for Barbie and Ken was accepted as the finalist for the competition. It was awesome as I was the first Singaporean to be accepted in the competition. Since then some of my designs have appeared in Japan, the United States and most recently in Finland.

Bead-woven technique is primarily my passion. My favourite stitch is Herringbone, sometimes known as Ndebele stitch. I simply love this African style beading technique. I believes in using high quality Japanese made beads, although they are more costly. The consistent color and size of these Japanese beads makes the time consuming work of weaving them worthwhile, as they retain their colors better and give precise result.

I am very thankful to my family towards the support of my craze in beading. They keep me going !

Welcome to my obsession of beads ♥

Shirley Lim